Adventures While House Sitting


Alaskans in the burbs?  An unlikely combination.  But on Aug 30th we left Alaska to fulfill our next housesitting assignment.  Why the burbs? Before I get into why this particular house in an elite suburb of Dallas interested us, I wanted to mention that experience has taught us that we are likely to end up anywhere in the world. That is one of the very exciting aspects of housesitting…you never know when a very enticing offer will turn up.

As far as deciding on which housesit to pursue, it has largely been…let’s say God’s guidance.  And as we’ve discovered, each sit is packed with life lessons.  After our last sit (2011-2012), I envisioned quite literally the type of sit I wanted next.  I expressed my hopes to my husband and he was in agreement (passed test #1).  The thoughts of the ideal situation stayed with me all summer while in Alaska. In July I began diligently perusing the various housesitting websites we belong to.  By the end of July we were in dialog with three homeowners then this Texas housesit became available.

The later seemed to fit our hopes and needs perfectly. It would provide us with the opportunity to visit family (not tied to the house 24/7), we could round up our camping and kayaking gear left in storage in South Texas since 2009, and enjoy a nice home with a great outdoor living space in a prestigious community, plus the assignment required very little responsibility so I’d have plenty of time to write and David would have time to read.

We opened dialog with the home owner. It was a long process due to slow communication. But two months later here we are and couldn’t be happier with the choice. We are calling this sit “a time of rest and rejuvenation” which is sorely needed after tackling years of  wildfires, floods, road wash-outs and a lot of property work in Alaska.

9/25 The weather has been great, we enjoy all the fresh fruits and veges we want at a reasonable cost from the nearby Sprouts Farmers Market, we take a daily swim and balance all that fun with a bit of lite house and yard work each day.  So far so good! 


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