Adventures While House Sitting



Recently I was talking with an acquaintance on St. George Island (SGI). When he stated that housesitting must be like a vacation; my mind began to work. The only housesitter that we have met with an "I'm on vacation" attitude lost his position and hurt his client. While we feel honored and blessed to have opportunities to housesit in beautiful places and in beautiful homes with great owners and pets that become our friends, we are never on vacation. House and pet sitting are big responsibilities that can be very stressful and require hyper-vigilance. We work hard at understanding and fulfilling what owners expect from us. We have to "learn" the property, pets and area and quickly adapt. We are compelled to maintain security at all times. We strive for good communication and relationships with owners, pets, neighbors and service workers. We have to have the ability to intuit homeowners and pets needs moment by moment, keep the property in a constant state of clean and neat, have the ability to deal with emergencies, provide regular updates to the owners, protect the client's privacy and confidences, daily perform a multitude of small and large tasks. That list covers just the basics.  We have always worked much harder while house and pet sitting then we ever have while at our own home.  All that being said...we love house and pet sitting and try to find a balance between responsibility and relaxation and I believe we have managed to do that in each and every situation from Alaska to Guatemala otherwise we wouldn't be still loving it!


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