Adventures While House Sitting


Yesterday, I received an email that just made my week. David and I both teared up as we read..."Hey Cassy, was up at the ranch this weekend.  I just want to say that you and David are the best.  These last house sitters have really left me with a mess…total neglect to the yard, did not keep the main house clean, dead bugs and mouse droppings every where.  If you didn't know this before; I want you to know now how grateful and appreciative Ken and I are for all you did while taking care of our place… truly a blessing.  I brought back a box with some dishes, and while I was unpacking those items it brought back fond memories of you lovingly helping me with packing back in 2009." R. R.

The above email made be think afresh about housesitting and what motivates people. I don't know about other folks, and it is very disappointing to hear about neglectful sitters, but I know what motivates David & I. When someone entrusts us with their most precious possessions; their home and pets we feel an almost overwhelming sense of responsibility, we take that responsibility to heart and work hard to fulfill our commitment as perfectly as possible. We are greatly honored by property owner's trust in us and we feel gifted to have yet another opportunity for a unique experience, to meet more wonderful folks and spend time loving on their pets.

So to those house and pet sitters that follow our blog...just remember; its hard to do a bad job when you are truly thankful, and it is so very rewarding to receive thanks especially five years later!



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