Adventures While House Sitting



As the nights begin to darken, the temperatures drop and my once beautiful flower gardens begin to look like weed patches, the clarion call to start migrating south sound’s loud and clear.

For the geese, ducks, swans and other migratory birds heading south is simple.  For us, life is a bit more complicated and I never feel it so much as this time of year when we actively seek out a home for the winter. Our thoughts turn towards the future months and the fine balancing act of blending our needs for warm temps, reasonable costs, visiting family and personal pursuits.  We brain storm, get family input, check our finances, research the political health of various countries, check the weather patterns in states and countries, schedule and reschedule travel times, try to determine if we should fly or drive, should we start on Malarial tabs now or wait and see...well, you get the idea.  In the end the housesit dictates almost every point we labored over anyway and there really is no second guessing. 

All of this goes on here at home in Alaska and while trying to be present today, while trying to live in the moment. Alaska is so beautiful; I don’t really want to miss any of it! I sometimes resent the time required on the computer to find a housesit.  Recently I was expressing this resentment to a friend and she gave me a bit of wisdom.  She said that she dedicates a part of each day to meeting the needs of today, tomorrow and the far future. Her thoughts fit perfectly with my own, that life is best managed when in balance.  Extremes are exhausting.  So now when I look at my activities I realize that I have usually made sure to take care of my daily today needs, prepare something for tomorrow and spend some time each day looking for a house sitting opportunity for the future.  

My friends simple reminder gives me perspective, the worries melt away and once again I relax knowing I am not ultimately in control anyway and God knows where we need to be for the winter and that His timing is perfect!


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